Witamy Pod Słońcem Gehanowska


The history of the house We are in begins in the 13th century – at the time of Kraków's location and planning the Market Square’s shape. It's names "Gehanowska" and "Pod Słońcem" (Under the Sun) are connected with the family of goldsmiths, the Gehans, who owned this house in the 15th and 16th century. B. Boethmer, K. Helbing and the Koryciński family who owned the house to 1641 as well as W. Briganti were successive owners of the house. In the 18th century the house belonged to K. Woliński, who established a foundation converting Jews. In 1774 the house "Pod Słońcem" was bought by a renowned doctor Jan Szaster at an auction. After his death his family sold the pharmacy to J. Sawiczewski in 1812. At the beginning of the 20th century his descendants sold the house to Remigiusz Wiskida who is the person responsible for it's rebuilding and it's present shape (according to the design of F. Maczyński). The ceilings of the house are it's most sectional part. Here we can find the original front part from the 13th century, at present under the Market Square’s surface, as well as transitional parts with Gothic portals and Renaissance parts (portal in the cloakroom), later additions from the 18th century. The second level of ceilings, which is buried under the ground, has not been uncovered so far. 

The restaurant is situated in monumental medieval basements in the Kraków Main Square, overlooked by a huge sun image made of stone. Mr. Sun, in form of a masterly stone sculpture shines onto the guests eating in this popular restaurant. Friendly personnel serve good food to crowds of both local clientele and tourists. Everyone will find here something for himself, from lunch with a joyful bunch of friends and at a decent price, to refined dinner with candle lights and excellent wine. The restaurant is open from noon to midnight. In summer the restaurant is air conditioned and in winter it has a fireplace, it will satisfy any customer's taste. The entire space is a combination of restaurant and a pub, where climate, music, and most of all - traditional Polish cuisine - create a cameral atmosphere. On the ground floor there is an elegant and nostalgic café, willingly visited by celebrities. Gigantic window opens a kaleidoscope-like view to the Kraków Main Square. Café opens already at 8 in the morning, when good coffee and tasty breakfast specials are served. In summer we will welcome you in one of the most popular beer gardens in the Main Square. We also organize special events (in our premises up to 80 people) and catering services outside our premises for up to 100 people.

selection of best wines

We offer a wide range of wines from various corners of the world (Chile, France, Spain & others). If you are not a connoisseur, our staff will be glad to advise on the choice of wine for a specific dish.


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